Career transition: support for the future

Spring Professional Luxembourg provides career transition services, also known as outplacement: accompanying people who have been dismissed for a smooth and sustainable professional transition. Discover the feedback of candidates who have placed their trust in us for their outplacement.

Spring Professional

What is career transition?

Career transition, also known as outplacement, consists of supporting professional mobility, particularly in the context of redundancy. It refers to a support programme provided by a service provider in order to help the beneficiary to find a job or to define a potential professional reorientation. The aim of outplacement is to ensure a smooth and above all sustainable transition.

Outplacement with Spring Professional

Spring Professional's outplacement program allows candidates to discover current career opportunities and helps them to quickly reposition themselves in the job market. To do this, we offer an individual and group approach as well as various tools available to candidates. During individual sessions with a certified coach and group workshops, we cover a full range of useful topics: job market analysis, definition of the target market, help with CV and cover letter, interview preparation, professional networking, change management, personal branding, etc...

Services de transition de carrière et outplacement

They trust us

Testimony of Anne-Catherine P.

« After my economic layoff, I wanted to take a step back and think about my professional reorientation and my personal priorities. As part of my outplacement, I followed the various workshops offered by Spring Professional. I was greeted with respect and kindness. You feel good when you follow this process. Each workshop is an opportunity to meet with new people, to build a network, to discover a new way of approaching the rest of your career, to take the necessary step back to be clear about your professional project. The workshops also allowed me to give meaning to this professional shift. All this in a positive and constructive frame of mind. »

Testimony of Marc B.

« After this long period of professional inactivity, I integrate an environment that seems to be in line with my current aspirations. I would like to thank the whole team of Spring Professional Luxembourg, first for their professionalism but also for the sensitivity with which all people in transition are taken care of. »

Testimony of Stephen A., participant in the #YouthYourFuture project, in collaboration with ADEM

« The follow up during the YouthYourFuture project helped me better identify my own competencies and how to present them either on the CV or on a job interview. It also brought me a certain trust in my competencies that I did not have before. I now work since almost 4 months in a job that I like very much, and the competences acquired during the follow up prepared me well for the determining interview to get the job. I appreciated a lot the attention toward the details and being listened carefully during the individual meeting. »

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