Your job application checklist: don’t miss these 10 steps

It is necessary to follow a few rules during your job search in order to maximize your chances to find work. There are many mistakes to avoid when applying for a job. Spring Professional Luxembourg gives you the best advice to succeed at your candidatures. Here are the 10 points to check before you send your application.


Infographic your job application checklist: don’t miss these 10 steps

1. Your photo

Forget the photo in your car, in the bathroom, with duck face or in your wedding dress. A photo with a neutral background and focus on your face will be perfect.

2. Your email address

baby911, gangster2015, etc … These are not very professional. Opt for

3. Updated CV

If you don’t update your resume, it could be detrimental because you have developed yourself since then.

4. Spelling errors

Misspelling in your resume or cover letter is eliminatory for most recruiters.

5. Mailing list

Don’t send your CV to all temp and recruitment agencies and include them in copy. Make sure all the recipients are hidden.

6. Relevant information

You worked as a waiter during holidays? It probably was an interesting experience, but you are now looking for a different position. This information is not relevant to a recruiter.

7. Title of the CV

Pay attention to adapt the title of your resume according to the job ad. Avoid a generic “CV”.

8. Date of your experiences

Lying or spin the truth about your past experiences’ duration will not be in your favor. Avoid writing “2017-2018”, prefer “December 2018 - March 2019” instead.

9. The file

Use PDF or Word files and name your CV, for example, “name.surname-version1.pdf”.

10. Social media

Search for your name on Google and check your accessible information. Don’t hesitate to delete some information and to change the privacy settings of your accounts.


Look up for the market average salary, the labour laws and your notice period before you apply, so as to communicate the information during your interview.

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