5 good reasons for not comparing your success with others’

It is tempting to compare your life with others’, which is even easier with social media where everyone highlights their success. Have you ever contrasted your career with your colleagues’ professional path? You must have felt envious of them then… Comparing your success with others’ is definitely not a good idea. Here are five reasons for stopping comparison and becoming more self-confident.

infographics 5 good reasons for not comparing your success with others’

1. Everyone has their own definition of success

Success often rhymes with promotion, financial gain or an achieved project. Nevertheless, what does success really mean? This is the question… The definition will vary for each individual. Set yourself your own goals and make sure they are realistic in view of your own situation.

2. Every career path is different 

If you compare your professional path with someone else’s, it will have no positive impact on your life. Reality shows success varies depending on everyone’s individual journey. The comparison will often be negative because there will always be someone better than you.

3. It damages your self-esteem

Comparing your success with others’ leads you to an endless race for perfection and triggers lack of self-esteem and, in some cases, breakdown. The more you compare yourself with others at work, the more you needlessly fight with yourself. 

4. The « social media syndrome »

We are constantly staring at our smartphones or computers, watching or “liking” other people’s life. According to a study, comparing your life with someone else’s would have a negative impact on your own success. Social media promote achievement above all and what happens behind the scenes is rarely published.

5. Comparison vs rivalry 

Comparison will make you envy your colleagues and will pit you against them. Consequently, you will eventually run yourself down and won’t appreciate what you already have. Know therefore how to celebrate your victories and to enjoy others’. 

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