Cultural differences: a major asset in the workplace

Cultural differences make an important role in the workplace. When it comes to cultural diversity at work, it is essential to have a good attitude and good behaviors face to different cultures, which can make an influence on the relationships between colleagues and the teamwork. 

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Infographic diversity - Cultural differences: a major asset in the workplace

1. Why are cultural differences so important at work?

Awareness-raising about cultural differences on the workplace contributes to increase trust, improves work relationships, fasters implementation of projects and allows a clearer communication.

2. How cultural differences can affect work?

A misunderstanding of cultural differences leads to poor communication and ineffectiveness. It also creates barriers and dysfunctional adaptive behaviours.

3. How to overcome and embrace cultural diversity at work?

- Be respectful and ensure a clear communication.
- Learn about cultural differences.
- Focus on each other's strengths and skills.
- Step out of your comfort zone: you may have more in common than you think.
- Be accommodating.

4. Hints for coping with diversity:

- Be open-minded 
- Be attentive to verbal and non-verbal signals
- Use simple words
- Include visual aids
- Speak an international language, avoid slang words


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