How digitalisation will affect tomorrow's workforce?

Automation, digitalisation, artificial intelligence, robots…, but what about jobs? In an area of transformation, where jobs can be automated and digitalised, how will be the impact on the workforce? According to the study from the McKinsey Global Institute, there will be important changes by 2030.
Job Market

infographic How digitalisation will affect tomorrow's workforce?

New jobs

60% of jobs have at least 30% of their activities that could be automated. This will create jobs that do not exist today.
3 to 14% of the global workforce will need to change their profession group.
60% of young people entering the world of work by 2025 will perform jobs that do not exist today. 

Online presence

The recruitment processes will also need to adapt to the transformation of the work market and the workforce. Digital platforms for matching people with jobs and assessing skills are becoming part of the recruitment process. This shows the importance of online presence and personal branding to stand out and be found. 


The evolution of machines will lead to the evolution of jobs and to the need for new knowledge and skills. Midcareer job training and life-long learning will become a major subject for everyone in this process of evolution and will determine the future of workers. The adaptation to new jobs may require higher education or focus on social and emotional abilities, creativity, high-level cognitive capabilities and other skills that are hard to automate.

Atypical employment

The transformation of the job market leads to the transformation of employment. 40% of employed people in the European Union are in atypical employment (part-time, fixed-term contract, freelance) or self-employed. 

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