E-reputation: 4 tips to control your image on the Internet

With the rise of social networks, it has become essential to control your image on the Internet. Having a good personal branding is important, especially when looking for a job. Nowadays many recruiters consult candidates' profiles. This is an opportunity to give them a good impression. Spring Professional Luxembourg explains the mistakes you should avoid and the advice you should follow to have a good e-reputation.

Career Advice


1. Convey a good image on Facebook.

Facebook photos have a significant impact on recruiters, sometimes as much as your CV picture. Candidates with a good-looking photo receive about 39% more interview requests*.

2. Be active on LinkedIn.

Having a profile on a professional social network is nowadays essential. LinkedIn is widely used by recruiters, so make sure you have a complete profile and a professional picture. Add your experience, education, skills and achievements by highlighting interesting points and do not “copy and paste” your resume. Regularly update your profile.

3. Use Instagram or Twitter wisely.

Remember that recruiters also have access to your Instagram and Twitter accounts if they are public. Take advantage of it because these tools can be a showcase for your expertise and/or artistic know-how. These social networks are relevant to jobs such as graphic designer, architect, drawer etc....

4. Be careful with your digital activity.

Don't publish and don't like anything. A "like" on a publication with a political or religious connotation could harm your image and give you a wrong label. Even if you delete old images or comments, it will take some time to no longer find them on the Internet.

*Stijin Baert, Professor at Ghent University, 2016.

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