Elevator pitch: how to efficiently introduce yourself

« What do you do for a living? », « Could you introduce yourself? »… You have definitely already been asked these questions. Introducing yourself in an efficient manner, not saying too much nor too little…, it’s not as easy as it seems. Spring Professional explains how to introduce yourself in a few minutes and gives you a few tips to improve your elevator pitch. This method will ensure you will make a good first impression.

Career Advice

infographic elevator pitch

1. Me

Introduce yourself in a concise and understandable manner (name, function or activity). Use simple words instead of jargon and don’t give too many details. The person you are talking to should immediately understand what you do for a living. 

2. My accomplishments

Give one or a few examples of important professional accomplishments you are proud of. Use numbers to describe them (say, “I optimized a production process in my former firm, which increased the performance by 15%.”). Describe your achievements in a simple and understandable manner. Don’t go too much into detail. If the person you are talking to wants to know more about this, they will ask questions. 

3. You

Talk about the situation of the recruiter and/or the company. Refer to the problems they are facing and explain what you could do about that. Use words such as “you“, “like you“ or “similar“ so as to make a connection and show your understanding of their situation. 

4. Us

What is your added value? Think about what you have to offer to the company. Why should they take you instead of another person?

N.B. : Points 3 and 4 are important only during a job interview in order to show why you are the best candidate.

Our last tips

Your pitch should last 2 minutes, maximum. It’s important to know your elevator pitch by heart and not to recite it. You have to present it in a conversional mode to appear natural. Don’t hesitate to practice in front of a mirror or with a friend.

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