6 tips to optimize your chances of finding a job with an agency

Need a helping hand to find a job? Temp or contracting agencies like Spring Professional can help you in your job search. We offer you these 6 tips to optimize your chances of finding a job.


infographics 6 tips to optimize your chances of finding a job with an agency

Register on my.springprofessional.lu and remember to update your CV and search criteria regularly.
Before coming for an interview, find out about the employment agency (sectors, offers, groups, etc.) because if you are hired, you will be the ambassador of the brand.
Take care of your clothing. The image you convey to the consultant will influence the feedback he or she gives to the company.
Trust the consultants. They are in direct contact with companies. Do not apply or contact the company directly if you are already in progress via our agency.
Feel free to ask the consultants questions about the companies, the job market or the position. They are professionals at the heart of the labour market who can give you useful advice.
And don't forget, a temporary or contracting worker of today can become a customer and contact of tomorrow within a client company. The quality of your partnership with the agency will facilitate your projection and employability for the future.

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