6 tips to improve your communication

In a job interview or during a business meeting, your verbal and nonverbal communication influences the impact of your speech. You should then pay attention to your behavior and body language for your interlocutor to effectively get your message. Spring Professional gives you 6 tips you should follow for a good communication.


6 tips to improve your communication


1. Use active listening

Show your interlocutor you are listening to them: look them in the eye! Don’t turn the eyes away to stare at objects in the room, watch through the window or try to read a document on the desk.

2. Adapt your communication mode

You have to adapt your communication to your interlocutor. You need quick information? Call them or have a face to face talk with them. You need more formal information? Send an email. No matter which way you choose, always be professional and courteous.

3. Go straight to the point

Whether verbal or in writing, put yourself in your interlocutor’s shoes. Is your message clear enough? Use short sentences which will enable you to avoid any misinterpretation.

4. Control your posture

Your posture will be one of the first images the person in front of you will get. Generally speaking, make sure your back is straight and put your shoulders back. This posture will make you look like a dynamic and assured person! Avoid arms crossed and hands in the pocket.

5. Identify your signs of nervousness

Be aware of your bad habits that could show you are nervous. Illustrate your speech instead thanks to hand gestures which will make your speech more convincing and will make you look more relax. 

6. Pay attention to your elocution

When talking to someone, make sure you articulate well and use intonation and sound emphasis to draw their attention. To practice, don’t hesitate to read aloud every day so as to control your speech flow and improve your diction.

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