The do's and don't's of the job search on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for professionals seeking for a job. If well used, LinkedIn will boost your personal branding et will help you increase your chances of finding a job. Here are Spring Professional's tips to optimize your use of LinkedIn to develop your career.


Detail your profile

Recruiters need to find keywords related to your industry. You can add them by detailing your experiences or by writing a summary.

Create search alerts

It’s an effective way to be quickly aware of any new open position on the market and to be among the first applicants.

Add a profile picture

Profiles with a picture are 40% more visible. Be careful though, your picture must be professional (e.g. no selfie)!

Check who has viewed your profile

Thus you will know who is interested in your career path. 


Don’t send an invitation without personalization

Writing a message when you ask someone to connect increases the chances they accept your invitation.

Don’t apply for a position without a resume

Even if your profile is complete, most recruiters receive applications by email and will need your resume.

Don’t be pushy

Most recruiters don’t consider this behavior as motivation, rather as a lack of professionalism.

Don’t forget to read your messages every day

If you don’t quickly answer an interview request, you strongly compromise your chances of being selected.

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