The do's and don't's of the phone interview

To select the best candidates during job interviews, recruiters often use a preliminary step, the phone pre-screening. This exchange seems complicated to most job seekers but may be an opportunity to differentiate themselves. This discussion allows recruiters to get to know you and learn more about you before going further in the recruitment process. Spring Professional advises you on the points you should respect during this phone interview and the behavior you should avoid.

Do's and don't's job phone interview


- Before the phone interview, always research the society - for instance by visiting its website - and the job you have been contacted for.

- Start by greeting the recruiter. Try to be as enthusiastic as possible. As we say, the first impression is always the most impactful one! 

- Try to be relaxed. The phone interview is not an enquiry but a formal discussion for the recruiter to get to know you. 

- Be genuine. Briefly explain your professional experience and, during your presentation, point out the activities you enjoyed and why. You could also talk about the assignments you have not liked so that the recruiter can map your profile.

- Ask questions. Having some doubts is normal so don’t hesitate to clear them or ask any question to know more. It is well seen by recruiters as it communicates your interest.  


- Don’t stay silent. It is a discussion, so you have to be proactive in your answers and discuss with the recruiter. That is the point of the phone interview. 

- Don’t talk about your salary expectations until they ask. It is still a tricky topic, that’s why you should let the recruiter come to that point first.

- Don’t be rude. Manners are key elements that would enable the recruiter to assess you immediately. 

- Don’t try to impress too much. Let the recruiter ask questions and then answer proactively. Your answers need to be simple and efficient. 

- Don’t be late. Even for a phone call, punctuality is key. When the recruiter calls, you should be online and prepared. 

Last but not least: thank the recruiter for their time!

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