7 tips for a professional photo

Essential on LinkedIn and optional on a resume, your photo must be professional. It is the first image that the recruiter will have of you. They will then already have a first idea of your personality when they see it. Here are our tips to make your CV or LinkedIn photo give a good image of you.


tips for professional CV LinkedIn photo

1. Avoid selfies that do not convey a professional image.
2. Pose in front of a neutral background with focus on your face (e.g. a light wall). Avoid shower curtains or open spaces.
3. Wear professional outfit as you would for a job interview.
4. Take care of your hairstyle and wear a "healthy glow" but sober make-up.
5. Prefer a colour photo if it is not taken by a professional to avoid poor image quality.
6. Frame on your face and the top of your bust. Do not take close-ups or full-length photos.
7. And of course, smile! The goal is to look serious but friendly.

For more tips about CV, check out our infographic The do's and don't's for an efficient resume.

And to improve your LinkedIn profile, read the do's and don't's of the job search on LinkedIn.

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