9 questions to ask a recruiter during an interview

"Do you have any question?": this is (almost) a must during a job interview. In order to make a good impression on the recruiter, it is essential to ask questions. This step is even an opportunity for you to show your worth and make your interview a success. Here are our top 9 questions to ask in a job interview.


infographics 9 questions to ask a recruiter during an interview

1. Can you tell me more about the team?

This question will allow you to find out more about the organisational structure and the division of tasks within your potential future team.

2. Is this a job creation?

It may be useful to understand the context of the recruitment: is it a new position? did the predecessor resign? or was he/she made redundant? The answer to this question may tell you a lot.

3. What is a typical day like in this job?

The interview is an opportunity to find out if you would like the job. Knowing more about the different tasks will help you to see yourself in the job (or not).

4. What are the objectives for the next months?

Will you live up to the expectations of your future manager? Finding out what the objectives are will help you to assess whether you have the necessary skills and the workload you may be asked to do in the coming months.

5. What is the company culture?

Be careful, only ask this question if the company's website or social networks do not give you any information on this aspect, at the risk of looking like a candidate who has not looked into it and is not interested.

6. What qualities do you expect from your future employee?

This important question aims at understanding the recruiter's expectations in terms of soft skills. If you don't have the required qualities at all, this job might not be for you. Or, on the contrary, this is the time to show you are the ideal candidate

7. What are the company's current challenges?

As well as learning more about what lies ahead, you will come across as an interested and motivated candidate. If you already have ideas on how to meet these challenges, don't hesitate to talk about them!

8. What do you think I need to improve in my application?

This is a risky question but the answer can give you an idea of what the recruiter thought of the interview and what you can improve. This is very useful especially if the interview is with an intermediary such as a recruitment agency.

9. What are the next steps?

At the end of the interview, if the recruiter does not mention it, you can ask them when they will contact you again and if further interviews are planned in the recruitment process.

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