10 reasons to come and work in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a country that is still unknown, and yet... It is good to live and have a job in the Grand-Duchy. Future expatriate or border worker, you will be convinced by this infographic. Spring Professional gives you 10 good reasons to come and work in Luxembourg, and especially to stay there.

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infographics 10 reasons to come and work in Luxembourg

1. Multiculturality

Ease of integration through openness to multiculturalism already established (3rd European capital, 200 000 border workers...).

2. Strategic geographical location

At the crossroads of Europe between Germany, Belgium and France.

3. Easily accessible

International airport; Luxembourg station with European high-speed trains; abundant motorway network.

4. Human-sized capital

All the qualities of a great capital nearby.

5.Attractive labour market

Decreasing unemployment rate despite the increasing active population; Brexit, which tends to bring large companies back to the Luxembourg market; development of the start-up network.

6. Security

Crime rate decreasing; strong regulation for GDPR compliance.

7. Financial attractiveness

Higher than average wage conditions in neighbouring countries; double social security for cross-border commuters; lower taxation for companies; rising GDP.

8. Development opportunities

Headquarters of major structures (Arcelor, Ferrero, Deloitte, Amazon...).

9. Financial hyper-centre

130 banks; world leader in the fund sector (4,110 domiciled funds); major European financial institutions.

10. Modern infrastructure

High ultra-high speed Internet coverage; development of public transportation (free of charge since March 2020).

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