5 tips to relieve stress at work

In Luxembourg, stress would affect two workers out of three. This “modern-day plague” is often part of our daily office life and can prevent you from working peacefully and efficiently. It is crucial to prevent stress, to relieve tensions at work and not to fall into overworking. Here are some tips to help you relieve stress at work and avoid burn-out.

5 tips to relieve stress at work

1. A clean desk

30 seconds to look for a pen, 2 minutes to find a file etc…, this waste of time accrues and can create intense stress. To banish stress, throw the unnecessary files away and store your important documents in appropriate binders. An organized and clean desk can help you concentrate on your work.

2. Don’t get distracted

A colleague asking a question, a phone call, an advertising email…, you can easily get distracted while you are already late in your work, which can cause additional stress.  To avoid distractions, close the door of your office, work in the conference room to be alone or activate your voicemail.

3. Avoid work overload

Deadlines, delay, mishaps…, you can easily get stressed. To avoid tensions, plan room for contingency when scheduling your projects. Try to get ahead and avoid procrastination.

4. One task at a time

Avoid beginning several tasks at the same time because it can lead to mistakes and confusion, and of course stress. Finish one task before you begin the next one. You can draw a plan to resume all the tasks you have to do to make your work easier.

5. Breaks 

Don’t forget to take breaks. They can help you take your mind of the task during a few minutes and work more efficiently afterwards. A break can help you see things from a different perspective and find new solutions. 

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