The do's and don't's of the video job interview

As a precautionary measure related to Covid-19, a recruiter may ask you to conduct a video interview rather than a physical one. This can also happen in case of long distances or to save time. As important as face-to-face, the video interview must be well prepared to give you every chance to convince the recruiter. Here are 5 tips to follow and 5 attitudes to avoid in order to succeed in your videoconference interview.


  • - Agree with the recruiter on the videoconferencing tool you will use (Skype, Webex, Whatsapp...). Send them your ID when you make an appointment and make sure you have theirs.
  • - Download the software and test it with a friend to make sure of the image and sound quality the day before the interview. A sizzling sound or a blurred image will not put you in the best conditions.
  • - Log in 10 minutes before the time of the meeting in case you might be delayed due to a technical problem. Don't forget to put your status "online" and wait for the recruiter to call you.
  • - Prepare yourself in the same way as for a physical interview: anticipate questions, search for information about the company, etc... You will not be facing the recruiter, but that doesn't mean the stakes are less important.
  • - Make yourself comfortable. Keep your CV and the job offer in front of you without looking at them too often. Prepare a sheet of paper and a pen to take notes during the job interview.


  • - Don't settle in a noisy place. Make sure you are alone in a quiet room and close the door if necessary. Turn off the TV, move away from the noise of works in the building etc... It is important that the recruiter can hear you perfectly and that you feel comfortable.
  • - Don’t conduct a video interview in an inappropriate environment. Make sure you have a neutral and sober background. For example, avoid being in bed or having posters of your favorite singer behind you.
  • - Don’t use a phone that you are holding in your hand. It could be disruptive to the recruiter and would not be considered professional. Try to use a computer or stabilize the phone.
  • - Don’t forget to take care of your appearance. Pay attention to your outfit as much as you would for a physical interview. Do your hair and don't wear jogging pants or pyjamas for example, even if you are sitting down.
  • - Don't have a distracted or shy glance. Look at the camera when you speak and listen to the recruiter. Talking to someone who is looking away is unpleasant, even in a video conference. And remember to smile to communicate your confidence and motivation.

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