Large Scale Testing: Who are the women and men behind this project?

If you live or work in Luxembourg, you may already have met them. For almost a year now, on site, in a lab or in an office, they have been bringing the “Large Scale Testing” project to life. This is why we have decided to highlight them.
Spring Professional

Since May 2020, Spring Professional and Adecco have been partners with Ecolog International for the employment of staff in the framework of the Covid testing in Luxembourg. Nurses, laboratory technicians, logisticians, administrative staff, etc., there are hundreds of them who have been involved in the LST (Large Scale Testing) every day for almost a year. We have decided to highlight these men and women without whom this national project would not exist.

Who are they? Where do they come from? What has their daily life been like for the past year? Over the next few weeks, we will discover the men and women behind LST:

Magali, Nurse Assistant Responsible for the preparation of material and equipment, identity control, labeling Magali's portrait
Sandrine, Project Manager Project Manager in charge of the recruitment and HR team for the LST staff Sandrine's portrait
Ramses, Laboratory Technician Biologist who works within Laboratoires Réunis and is in charge of receiving, dispatching and analyzing samples Ramses' portrait
Tiffany, Nurse On site, her mission is to take samples from the population to be tested, in compliance with all safety and hygiene standards Tiffany's portrait
Frédéric, Recruiter Responsible for recruiting different profiles and managing plannings Frédéric's portrait
Laurie, Nurse Her mission is to take samples from the population to be tested, in compliance with all safety and hygiene standards Laurie's portrait
Smail, Site Manager Supervises the teams and is responsible for administrative and stock management on Bascharage site Smail's portrait
Tom, Administrative Agent In charge of welcoming patients, checking identities and directing patients Tom's portrait
And finally, a huge thank you to all the people who are or have been working on the LST project!

LST Large Scale Testing Covid Luxembourg

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