Ecolog, ADEM and The Adecco Group join forces for the Covid mass testing project in Luxembourg

Spring Professional Luxembourg and Adecco Luxembourg, in particular in collaboration with ADEM, are partners in the Luxembourg government's ambitious Ecolog project to carry out large-scale Covid testing among residents and cross-border commuters in the Grand Duchy. Nearly 345 people were recruited in a very short period of time.
Spring Professional

Launched at the end of May and scheduled to run until 27 July, the mass testing project aims to test up to 20,000 people per day at all 16 sites based in Luxembourg. For this purpose, each site has between 1 and 10 test lines; each line is made up of 3 people: an administrative employee, a person in charge of logistics and a nurse, i.e. up to 10 nurses per site. Each site is supervised by a site manager and security officers provide referrals and security features.

The project coordinators, the Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH) and the company Ecolog, contracted The Adecco Group as a partner for the recruitment and training of staff as well as the management of the daily planning.


A successful sourcing thanks to its partners

Mandated to recruit nurses and administrative and logistics employees, The Adecco Group was able to rely on its partners to find candidates in addition to using its own database and publishing advertisements. Several nurses were recruited via the health reserve, the LIH, referrals and thanks to a partnership with nursing and medical schools in France. But above all, 15% of the staff was recruited thanks to the intervention of ADEM. It was obvious to call on jobseekers to participate in this government project. 

Mohand, a nurse working at the Machtum site, says: "I was looking for a job, so participating in this project represents a real opportunity for me to bounce back. It's an occasion to take on responsibilities while showing my sense of service to the country". For Déborah Michels, employer advisor in charge of pre-selecting jobseekers at ADEM as part of this project, "as the main partner for companies, it was essential for ADEM to collaborate with The Adecco Group and we are delighted that more than 40 candidates registered with ADEM and highly motivated by their new professional missions have been recruited for nursing positions as well as administrative and logistics positions."

Recruitment combining quality and volume

For logistics and administrative staff, Spring Professional and Adecco have sourced over 400 candidates and trained over 300. To date, more than 265 people have been recruited to carry out the testing project.

Spring Professional and Adecco were commissioned to carry out a major challenge: recruiting and training in volume in a very short time, while at the same time obtaining licenses for nurses coming from abroad. Indeed, with the gradual increase in registrations for the screening test, the number of nurses has risen from 20 at the start on May 26th to reach 80 nurses today, the majority of whom were recruited by Spring Professional. A standby team and a reserve are also available to meet any last-minute needs. The month of June was very active between the management of recruitment, training, staff onboarding and planning.

test dépistage Covid Luxembourg infirmière

With more than 345 people working on the screening sites, the success of the program is finally the result of working hand in hand with Ecolog, LIH and ADEM. According to Julie Noirhomme, Managing Director of Spring Professional and member of The Adecco Group's Executive Committee, "it is a real opportunity for all of us to be part of this great project with a collective, innovative and societal vocation". Indeed, the collaboration of everyone in this societal project will contribute to Luxembourg's economic and social recovery and well-being.

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