9 reasons to choose temporary work

Temp is a type of temporary employment contract which is widely used. In Luxembourg, there are more than 32,000 temporary workers, i.e. 21% of the salary mass*. Why not you? If you're looking for a new job, consider temporary work with an agency such as Spring Professional, whatever your profession. Still not convinced? Here are 9 advantages of temp work.
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1. Great flexibility

Temporary work offers the worker a high degree of flexibility and a balance between private and professional life. You can indeed choose between full-time or part-time work and between short or long-term assignments. It is also possible to alternate periods of work and of inactivity.

2. Diversity

Thanks to temp, you can carry out several assignments one after the other. You can therefore work in different positions in several companies. This gives you a wide variety of working environments and tasks, which will help you to develop new skills quickly.

3. Freedom

When your assignment ends or if you are in a period of inactivity, your temp agency will offer you new opportunities. If, for example, you don't like the tasks or the company, or if you wish to take some time for yourself, you will then be free to accept or refuse the assignment as you wish.

4. Long assignments

Contrary to popular belief, a temp assignment does not always last only a few days. In the tertiary sector in particular, contracts can last up to one year. At Spring Professional, our temporary workers' assignments last an average of 5 months.

emploi interim

5. A springboard for permanent contract

Are you familiar with the pre-employment staffing? This is a very common practice which consists of recruiting an employee on a temporary contract for a few months before hiring him if everything goes well. Temporary work can therefore open doors for you and many assignments lead to a permanent contract.

6. Social benefits

A temp employee has the same advantages as internal colleagues of the user company in which they work. Lunch vouchers, holidays, 13th month etc..., the salary package can therefore be very attractive.

interim : développez votre réseau professionnel

7. Development of your professional network

It is important to build relationships to create new opportunities. Temporary work can allow you to meet many professionals located in your geographical area. First, within the staffing agency, you may meet several consultants as well as other temp workers. Then, as you will be able to carry out several assignments within different companies, you will discover new colleagues, clients, suppliers or partners each time, which will enlarge your professional network.

8. Faster recruitment process

Employers resort to temporary work because they need workforce quickly to cope with an increase in activity or the absence of an employee. The recruiters of the staffing agency are entirely dedicated to the search for candidates and the analysis of applications. The recruitment process is therefore generally very fast, unlike an internal recruitment or for a permanent contract which can take longer.

9. Benefit from the agency's support

Consultants who work in a temp agency are not only recruiters: they are first and foremost true career advisors. This is why you can benefit from their expertise in terms of CV, cover letter, job interview, etc... Also, when you reach the end of your temporary contract, they continue to accompany you in trying to find a new assignment. Being a temp worker in an agency such as Spring Professional or Adecco also gives you the opportunity to improve or acquire new skills through training.

accompagnement agence interim

Flexibility, diversity, freedom, speed, support etc..., temporary work offers many advantages. Ready to become a temp? Find out about our open temporary employment positions.

*Source : Tableau de bord du marché du travail luxembourgeois, IGSS, juin 2018.

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