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We don’t just measure engagement, we improve it!

At Spring Professional, we don’t just measure engagement and skills, we improve them. We combine Assessment industry-leading tools, resources and technology to develop employees at all levels to help to retain and engage your biggest asset – your talent.

What is the purpose of an assessment?

Collect as much information as possible in order to be able to give an appreciation of the strengths and the areas for improvement of a function. The assessment program is established to be able to measure the skills required for the exercise of a function in question.

Assessments represent real added value for the client, but also for the employee. An assessment is comparable to a mirror that you would place under your eyes: it allows you to see yourself as you are, and reveals your strengths and areas for improvement.

An assessment can pursue different objectives depending on the context in which it is registered: a commitment, a promotion, an analysis of strengths and weaknesses, career development (development) or even the detection of training needs. It can also be applied to various functions and to all sectors.


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Leadership, problem solving, communication..., develop the skills of your employees and managers.

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