Evolve employee behaviour

Our training offer aims at changing employee behaviour. From interpersonal communication, emotional intelligence, personal branding to stress management etc..., we develop the soft skills and leadership abilities your employees will need in the future: 

- People Management
- Coordinating with others
- Service Orientation
- Emotional Intelligence
- Critical Thinking
- Problem Solving
- Decision Making

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Before we start the training program, we define the expectations of HR managers, leaders and employees, both at the behavioural and technical level. This allows us to have a better knowledge of the learners' working environment and to define concrete examples that help them to act independently then.

We also rely on Neurosciences which, by studying how the brain works to understand human behaviour, allows us to define learning methods that have a strong impact and are adapted to each person.

Thanks to our use of Assessment, we can also better understand the participants' areas of improvement and identify their state of mind and learning agility. Thus, we know how to help them adopt a growth mindset that will put them in optimal conditions for effective training.

At Spring Professional, we place great importance on evaluation. This is why, following the training, we provide feedback to the learner and the company with an action plan for the future.


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Before training them, test your team's hard and soft skills

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